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Watergen’s GEN-M1For Sale

EUR 13,500,-
Watergen’s GEN-M1For Sale
Dato:14 / 06 / 2024
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Telefon: +31 685997647
Watergen’s GEN-M1 is a medium-scale mobile Atmospheric Water Generator. It is the ideal solution for sports teams. schools, universities, construction sites, clinics, public pools, off-grid housing, temporary localities, and private residential homes seeking a new, off-the-grid drinking water source.

Best-quality drinking water:
Fresh and safe drinking water extracted from the air. Purification and filtration systems combined with UV lamps ensure clean, safe, and tasty drinking water available throughout the day.

Water production:
In a wide range of climate conditions: it starts from 15°C and 20% humidity.

Fully mobile:
Fitted with wheels for full mobility, no plumbing is needed. Easy transportation to anywhere needed.

Environmentally friendly:
Reduces the need for plastic water bottles, logistics,s and transportation. Reduces carbon footprint.

Plug & drink:
Needs only connection to single phase electrical socket.

Unique and innovative technology:
Our revolutionary, patented heat exchanger produces up to 220 liters of drinking water per day.

Standards compliance:
Complies with international drinking water safety standards.

Complementary system (optional):
External drinking water storage and high-quality treatment system.

Please contact us at WhatApp number: +31 685997647
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