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Dato:08 / 09 / 2015
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For those, who want to reduce tension and stress and eliminate harmful substances from the organism, we offer sauna of a barrel shape. Barrel shape saunas are manufactured from Siberian spruce. It is ideal for a family and friends. The sauna may be enjoyed by 6-8 people, depending on the size of the sauna. The length of saunas is from 2500mm to 6000mm. The diameter reaches from 2100mm to 2300mm. The roof is covered with bituminous roofing. The colour and shape of roofing may be chosen by a customer. The exterior of the saunas is impregnated and dyed with German production paints. Heaters are mounted according to customer’s request, they may be heated with electricity or solid fuel, inside or outside the sauna.

We manufacture bathhouses of smaller or bigger sizes, according to the order.

Standard set:

4 benches, i. e. bunks of different size, mounted inside, heater, smoke vent with shade, steps.

Additional set:

Terrace, electricity installation illumination installed inside the sauna terrace or outdoor, water boiler, water mixer, cistern for water, mounted on the smoke vent volume 25-50 liters.
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