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American Manufacturing and Outsourcing Company (ZHBS43)

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Dato:02 / 05 / 2013
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Telefon: 8618666925932
Company Introduction:

The company is a premier manufacturing and outsourcing 1-stop solution for companies with high requirements and exact specifications that must be met. Quality is never compromised in order to deliver a product.

After 4 years in operation, the company has established partnerships with top industry leaders in the automotive, marine, and clean energy power generation sectors. It has access to an array of global engineering and testing standards, with complete design and modeling capabilities.

Number of employees:16

Internship description:

This internship will focus on the marketing of the company and its products. This includes all media such as websites, marketing material, advertisements, etc. The intern will be given a near-free reign to come up with a full marketing campaign, from strategy to execution and evaluation.


- Marketing major
- Duration: 6 months to 1 year (the longer the better so the intern is able to see the marketing campaign through)
- English is a must while Spanish would be very helpful
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