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Do you want to start your own business in China?

NOK 29,000,-
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Dato:30 / 07 / 2012
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Telefon: +862160485364
Godoi Consulting Group is a professional consulting company based in Shanghai specialized in legal services for expats that are planning on starting their business in China.

We can help you to open your WOFE, or Chinese Company with licenses ranging from import and export, food and beverage, online e-commerce and consulting.

Fees ranging from 29,000 NOK ($4,700 USD) to 57,000 NOK ($9,400 USD) you will legally be able to run your business in China, obtain your resident work visa, hire Chinese or foreign staff, conduct business transactions, among other benefits.

Rav Ravalia
Email: rav@godoiconsulting.com
Telephone: +86 21 6048 5364
Mobile: +86 158 2108 5708
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